Why don’t you have a blog?

There’s two types of marketing talent:

People who have a lot to say, and people who have a lot to do. I fall into the latter category.

I have a few thoughts on this:

I do not want to expend creative energy that I could use to help grow my clients giving the thinking they’re paying me for away for free. 

I would much rather live a full life, enjoying time with friends and family, cooking vegetarian recipes and volunteering for worthy causes than spewing my soon-to-be-outdated advice on the Internet.

I have blogged before, either for myself or on sites like The American Genius, my own social network Adholes when it was running. In over a decade, I’ve received thousands of likes, shares, comments and accolades. I have never received a single client inquiry. 

It’s my belief that unless done very well, social media and content marketing are a waste of time. This is my official policy with clients. It’s a pay-to-play space now. Chances are you are here not because of something I wrote, but because of an ad I payed for, or a little girl in the Philippines I paid to email you for me. 

I can’t think of a major social media or blogging success story that didn’t secretly have a paid media spend behind it. 

Everything I’m proud of, I wrote for a great entrepreneur publication, The American Genius and my blogs can be found here. Most of my predictions and positions have come true and are still my attitude today.