Adtech, SaaS and enterprise software companies have a massive challenge: how do you get a brand or their agency excited about a breakthrough technology when everyone claims they’re changing the world? 

Between working directly for adtech startups or having them as clients, and being pitched by and trying to champion them through a complex ad-agency side maze, I know two things really well:

1) Startups often take the “easy way” out with their marketing, thinking their technology is good enough. It’s not. 

2) There are “realpolitik” issues on the agency side only an insider would know.

From the “seen it all” social media strategist to the “too busy to care” CMO to the agency who wants to waste your time, I know how to segment, find the pain points, write compelling materials that even people who work in an agency will understand and microtarget via social media (paid and organic) creative campaigns that get attention, I can help you build a compelling brand story and sell at the same time. 

Select Examples: 

InfiiniGraph is a social data company with a complex offering. I oversaw a rebrand, conversion of the concept/messaging to a compelling infographic and created an inbound marketing campaign through a "brand smackdown" that had CMOs at Fortune 1000 companies signing up for demos. Led campaigns that used the technology to raise engagement 30% for L'Oreal and other major brands. 


Me-Ality is a combination B2B and B2C play focusing on fashion size data of consumers by taking free 3D scans at 60 stations across the US. I had to simultaneously drive consumer awareness and signup at these 60 malls, while creating B2B materials to sell the data to fashion brands.

I used growth hacking ideas including Facebook ads so successful the CPA was driven down to pennies from dollars (and featured as a case study at a major conference) while helping sign up over 100 major fashion brands on the B2B side. 

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