We Are Neutral is an environmental non-profit that helps people and businesses take responsibility for their carbon footprints by creating meaningful carbon offsets.

One of the biggest initiatives is offsetting the entire footprint of the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival each year. I help their team promote these efforts to Bonnaroo fans before the event with a social media contest with a ticket giveaway.

At the event, an experiential activation coordinating a staff of eighteen volunteers working over 9 grueling days from a campsite builds an experience out of discarded shipping palettes. We ask festival attendees to donate $5 to offset the footprint of their travel to the festival, let them write about what kind of world they want to live in on our wall, and let them put a pin in our giant globe showing where they from.

To draw more attention to the booth this year, I came up with “Unf*ck the Environment” shirts, which brought people over to find out what we were about. Although we were not permitted to sell the shirts at the festival, we received so many email addresses asking where they could be purchased, that we created a followup campaign once we returned back to civilization.


Following a successful Bonnaroo trip, we created an Unfucktheenvironment.com microsite and followed up with people who wanted a shirt with the opportunity to not only buy a shirt, but retire a ton a carbon all in one price.

We promoted the campaign on Facebook, who quickly banned it. We responded with a blurred version and talked about how we’re more offended by climate change than a bad word on a shirt.