Use big data to uncover hard to target "active traders" for TradeStation

The Tradestation team is obessed with finding it’s hard-to-reach semi-pro trader audience and reducing its cost per lead. Working to bridge creative and media in my digital strategy role on the account, I looked for growth hacking opportunities that were cost effective and unexpected.

Using a big data tool that looked at Tradestation’s twitter audience and what other accounts they follow and engage with the most, I was able to uncover unexpected insights about what were thought were a very stern, regimented psychographic. In fact, they followed many mainstream comedians, as well as motivational speakers – just some of the many insights that informed the brand’s new social media strategy. The tool also uncovered long tail blogs and personalities the audience liked, leading to more cost effective media spends.

Twitter ads continued to be a missed opportunity for many brands. Traders frequently use Twitter to chat about stock symbols. But which ones are the most relevant ones to buy against? Mashing up the trending stocks on with Twitter ad buys leads to some very cost-effective and creative ways to talk to the people doing the bulk of the talking about these symbols.