Create engaging work in one of the most boring categories ever,
targeting the least risk-tolerant people on earth.

Financial printing work is very lucrative, but the target audience is very conservative and unlikely to engage a new printer unless something very bad happens at their old one. Which means a heavy spend on awareness. 

Attempts at driving to traditional landing pages did not result in a high conversion rate. I knew Wall Street professionals all memorize the movie Glengarry Glenross and that the term “ABC” (Always Be Closing) would be familiar. Except I changed it to “Always Be Compliant.” A useful e-book filled with tips on how to get the best work from a financial printer as part of the ABC campaign was a softer means to drive conversions via a content pillar than hoping we reached the target at the exact moment they decided to change printers.

I led the strategic and creative process to launch the campaign, including:

  • Media planning and buying in industry trades to drive awareness and consideration
  • Facebook and LinkedIn ads to drive traffic
  • Landing pages with pillar content including an Always Be Compliant e-book and a financial filing calendar to drive conversions
  • Retargeting and marketing automation to keep leads warm for the sales team