Growth hack a fashion tech startup’s social audience

Me-Ality was a fashion tech startup that built a 3D scanner that measured your body to 1/10th of an inch to tell you your exact size in hundreds of brands. Working with the marketing team, I built their social media following to over 30,000 fans with the goal of driving scans at their 60 kiosks in malls across America.

I helped activate a charity partnership with Dress for Success, and we created an online contest that encouraged people to go to retail for the chance to win a gift card and have the brand increase its donation to this cause for every visit.

Using geo-targeted Facebook ads, I created over 1,200 different variations of messaging based on mall, and what fashion brands the consumer had liked. For example “Come find your perfect fit in Calvin Klein at the Wall Whitman Mall.” This optimization reduced the cost per lead 1500%, helped grow the audience so fast that it was named the second fastest growing fashion brand in social by Apparel Magazine, and was a featured case study at the 2013 JUMP Conference in New York.

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