Deliver edgy concepts to Kraft to promote Corn Nuts in digital


As a freelancer, one of my frequent collaborators got us a meeting with a higher-up at the “salty snacks” division of Kraft. They wanted to do some creative development around “some of these little $250 million dollar brands we have laying around that we have no idea what to do with.”

We did our research and found a rather risqué radio spot that we assumed the seemingly conservative team might have accidentally approved. Our first round of ideas were the type of lame things we thought they were looking for, and for the first time in my career I had a client asking us to be more creative, not less.

“We knew exactly what we were doing with that spot.” they revealed.

Somewhere in an Internet rabbit hole I wound up in shortly after, I discovered a trend called “bubbling”invented by a Mormon guy who wasn’t allowed to look at porn. It takes innocent looking bikini photos and gives the illusion of nudity by superimposing “bubbles” only showing skin.

We created an app concept that would allow Corn Nuts fans to create their own “Cornos.”