Launch the largest experiential trial campaign in Coke History,
winning a Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMMY) award in the process

By far the most complicated campaign of my career, as creative director of Coke Zero’s experiential marketing agency I led a fully-integrated campaign in partnership with AOR Crispin Porter Bogusky and several other roster agencies, running weekly calls and progress report. Coordinated the creative integration of brand partnerships with NASCAR, AMC Theaters, Target, US Army, XBOX 360, EA Sports, and the NCAA.

The concept: 

If it’s possible to have real Cola taste and zero calories, what else can we make possible in the world?

The campaign: 

Coke Zero It’s Possible

  • We tapped into the My Coke Rewards database to email top Coke Zero users in our young male demographic
  • They were invited to a private social network we built to co-create all the campaign elements with them – getting ideas and feedback
  • Once the campaign launched, the highly-involved target were brought to the live events to bring their friends and show them what they helped create
  • An It’s Possible website gave us an online touchpoint to drive users to live events
  • We partnered with a word of mouth tracking company to get users to share their conversations about the brand
  • Brand partnerships with the NCAA, Target and AMC Theaters provided additional high-traffic event footprints

Back in 2009, Coca-Cola had never hosted any user-generated content on its own servers, let alone an entire website filled with thousands of ideas of cool things you could learn to do.

For the online integration of our massive 48-market sampling campaign, I led the development of a website that allowed users to teach each other how to do things like ventriloquism, pop a wheelie on a bike and hundreds of other submissions. Users could vote for their favorites and share them via social media.

Building the site involved integrating with Coca-Cola’s global cloud server, third party data hosting and handling numerous technical requirements and security issues required of a global concern.

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