Rebrand a leading wellness brand’s online presence and increase landing page conversions through iterative campaign development.


Change Your Energy is a leading online holistic wellness brand focused on subscription-based video courses and e-commerce. The brand was looking to significantly increase its number of subscribers, as well as launch a number of new initiatives including a new 1-Minute Change App and their founder Ilchi Lee’s new book.



We built a team of online wellness experts who had worked for their direct competitor, including their former head of marketing and lead designer. Also added to the team was a leading online conversion / optimization expert and a marketing automation specialist.


While our designer dazzled with client with a whole new look for the overall brand, we got to work optimizing landing pages, and creating new email sequences for post-signup engagement. Our iterative approach meant A/B testing multiple landing page options.


After a deep dive into the audience and their interests, we created unique personas to target our campaigns to. Our iterative approach means creating hundreds of combinations of targeting and messaging options to figure out what increases our results the most.


We reinvigorated the brand with a modern design that helped tell the story better and beat industry standards for conversions by at least 50% per campaign. The parent company awarded us more brands to work in 2018 including a chain of 100 yoga centers.