Launch and growth hack one of the first social networks ever, an irreverent site for ad creatives targeting the most jaded people you’d ever meet.

Before millions of people were on LinkedIn or Facebook, I founded one of the first business social networks ever. An irreverent site targeting creatives types at top agencies across the world, I built the Adholes brand on a microbudget to become a well known industry brand.

For many senior people in advertising today, Adholes was the first social network they ever experienced. Many of the features we invented such as the ability to network with users by posting blogs into a central feed, or introduce members to each other were only recently replicated by sites like LinkedIn.

Over a six year period, thousands of users joined worldwide – the brand was extended to live events in 20 cities, as well as a job board and online portfolio hosting.

Within the first month of launch, The Wall Street Journal did a writeup of us, which propelled the site into the mainstream, fueling our initial growth into being an essential means for industry leaders to connect and share ideas.

Additional accolades included:

2007 Official Honoree, Social Networking – The Webby Awards

AdAge Power 150 Blogs — 2007-2010

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