Help a successful CEO with a prior exit in the health tech space get a patient engagement brand up and running to generate interest from the medical field and investors.

  • Naming
    My philosophy on naming is short, descriptive of the product and most of all, not taken. For an app focused on making sure patients and their loved ones understand what needs to be happen in complicated care scenarios, HealthSteps was the best choice.
  • Logo Design and Branding
    To have a successful logo for a mobile app, having a very simple icon is key. The H with a check mark through it was the clear winner out of the concepts delivered, giving HealthSteps a great head start with a standout brand that can be applied to multiple scenarios.
  • Pitch Deck
    After being accepted into the Innovation Hub incubator at the University of Florida, I helped HealthSteps understand its customer, refine its approach and encapsulate it into a pitch to attract its first investors.
  • App Mockups
    Seeing is believing and we helped people gain an understanding of how the app would work before it was even built by creating detailed life-like mockups of its functionality.
  • Web Development and Social Media
    Fresh off creating a new brand and app mockups, I led the design and writing of the first website, blogs, social media assets and posts to give the company the momentum it needed to attract new recruits, beta testers and investment interest.