The video and blog quoted below that I put together for my agency website shows how workers in 3rd world countries paid to build likes for shady Facebook managers had to start liking random pages to thwart Facebook’s efforts to stop them. Which means randomly liking YOUR page. The problem that arises is when you’re paying to boost your posts to increase your Edgerank, you’re actually wasting a portion of your budget on people who don’t exist, or are definitely not your customers.

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In the above video, Veritasium explores the growing problem of fraud with Facebook’s paid “likes” advertising platform. We know it’s possible to buy them for pennies on the dollar illegitimately outside the system. But what about those you purchase via Facebook advertising? Even when you target specific audiences, it’s highly likely you’ll wind up with followers from zombie accounts in Third World countries. The last time we checked, these zombies do not engage with your content, and they most certainly do not buy your products.


While it’s easy to click the “boost” button and promote your post to your fans and friends of fans, it’s far more cost-effective to start a new promoted post ad and more specifically target your audience based on location (certainly not Bangladesh) and whether or not they follow your page.

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