In today’s AGBeat column, the subject is using marketing efforts to have engaging experiences instead of focusing on meaningless social media metrics. These metrics are too easy to fake, for one, and the efforts behind them don’t do much more than keep pace instead of breaking through. The metric I propose, Quality of Engagement is one we floated with minimal success back in the days when I was working as the creative director of an experiential marketing agency. While you can decide that a comment is worth more than a like, or someone playing your experiential game is worth more than someone walking by and going “Oh, there’s that brand doing a game,” measuring such interactions at scale, and without anything more solid than the honor system, it’s a shaky bet at best. Still, there’s a desperate need for something to measure beyond impressions, since not all are created equal. In fact, it’s the 20 out a million that have a great impression and passionately tell their friends who are worth more than the 999,980 others combined.

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